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Our History 

A third generation builder, Bert Singletary started in the home building industry back in the early '90's. His main focus was quality framing. The life of a home depends strongly on structure. With that in mind, Singletary moved forward to set a new standard for the caliber of work in his field. In the mid '90's Singletary started working with homeowners directly for home additions and extensive remodeling. Given his background, he was able to see projects from unique perspective. 

Let seasoned pros

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Attention to detail doesn't come close to describing the unique qualities of a Singletary home. From the very first step to the last, we always have the homeowner in mind. There is no detail too small to be overlooked or ignored. Have you ever wondered why a door opened a certain way, or a wall was shaped the way it was? These are some of the small things that can aid to the functionality and comfort in your new home, things that most builders won't care about. ​